On The Road . . . Again!

Originally published: June 15, 1996

    On Christmas Eve 15 years ago Jon and I, two 19 year.-old college dropouts living in Santa Barbara, California, returned home to our empty apartment bearing tidings of great joy: both of us had lost our jobs. Ho-ho-ho.

We decided to do what any normal, red-blooded American boys would have done in response to such seasonal serendipity--Road Trip!

We hitchhiked more than 5000 miles over the course of the next month: San Francisco, Bakersfield, Las Vegas, Steamboat Springs, Denver, Albuquerque, Dallas, Tampa, to name but a few.

It was the ride of a lifetime.

We wanted to find out if America was as scary a place as the media had led us to believe. Yeah right; we just wanted to meet chicks. And did we? Well, let me put it this way: We caught a glimpse under America's skirt, and let me tell ya, she wasn't wearing any panties!

 Word has it that LSD is a naturally occurring compound in the human brain, responsible for creativity (Grateful Who?) Dig: Flashbacks are not a result of a resurgence of LSD in the brain, but of the brain's return to its pre-external-LSD state, a kind of tripping in reverse. That's what Jon and I are in the process of doing, tripping in reverse. Nearly 15 years later, we're going on another road trip, leaving from San Francisco this time, retracing some of our old route up and down Route One, and visiting ghost towns of the old west.

 You're invited to travel along with us. Who knows? You might get lucky. We'll update our travels daily, with logs and bitmaps of our adventures. So, come along with us and enjoy the virtual adventure. And don't forget to put in your own two bits worth; we're anxious to hear your ghost stories. Real or imagined.

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